Pattern Review: Vogue 9216 jeans-styled ponte pants

I’m so happy with the pants that I’m thinking of using grey ponte bought for different style pants for this pattern, instead. I have no idea why there’s no reviews – this really deserves to be a popular pattern!

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Pattern Review: Vogue 2923 DKNY jacket

I’ve been wanting jackets, particularly for spring and fall. It’s that time of year when the temperatures can’t decide whether they’re warm or cool, and so your attire has to be flexible. But it can’t be a suit, since they’re not worn that often anymore; something on the sharp side of business casual. And, I’ve also been wanting to experiment with linen. This is a great jacket pattern for both purposes.

I’ve loved the look of this jacket from when the pattern came out. I was interested in wearing it open, not closed – it looked terribly boxy and preppy in the line drawing. The camisole was cute, but impossible to hide bra straps, so not feasible for me.

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Spring and summer sewing “plans” – 2014

I didn’t do much sewing this past fall and winter, because I injured my wrist at work and it’s been a very slow recovery. I made a crinoline for Hallowe’en, to go under one of my Vintage Vogue dresses (you can see it, along with the vintage hat, as one of the photos in the dress review), and a knit tunic, but that was pretty much it until March. I restarted sewing by making a Queen Elsa of Arendelle costume for my friend’s daughter’s fourth birthday, and now I’m enthusiastic about sewing for myself again! My wrist still isn’t quite right, so I can’t overdo it, but I can happily plug away at some dresses and tops for myself. Here are my sewing “plans” for June- September. Of course I won’t get all of these done; and some other items are sure to be added in. I’m hoping for half, especially if I can figure out how to sew a bit faster. But here’s what speaks to me this season. We’ll see what happens– and I’ll review what gets done. Yes, I know I’m still terribly behind on that– I have reviews written but am missing the photos, and have photos but am missing those reviews! Continue reading

Vogue 2903, View A: Review, Vintage Vogue short sleeves with overlay

This Vintage Vogue pattern took well over five years to finish! I decided to modify the pattern, by adding piping along the top edges to make the design details more noticeable. Great idea, but the version I did complicated the pattern, and took a long time get working “well enough”. And then I went back to school, and did a Masters degree part time while working full time. As classes were year-round, I didn’t sew for four years. And then I got engaged, so when the dress was still taking a lot of time to finish, it got put aside once more. I finally finished it in the spring of 2013.

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Summer and fall sewing “plans” – 2013

Well, I got some things from my winter/spring sewing done– a couple of items mostly finished, and a couple of items (two dresses and a hat) completely done. I took June off from sewing– we were hosting houseguests, a dinner party and a big party so I was distracted. Then I procrastinated launching myself into new projects, because of the extra work of doing FBAs– I suspected they make things easier once I’m sewing, but I worried about how much prep work that will be, and also about what would be a reasonable space to do them. I knew I was being silly, but that didn’t help. Sure enough, when I brought my supplies up to Toronto, I was able to easily complete the FBA on the dress lining at the hotel when we had a couple of hours to kill. So it really was ridiculous, the procrastination!

Here are my sewing “plans” for July – October. (I say “plans”, in quotation marks once again, because I know full well that I won’t finish half of what I plan to make). Once the garments are finished, I’ll review them and post photos. Yes, I know I’m behind on that….

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Vogue 1302: Kay Unger for Vogue cocktail dress, pattern review


A very pretty empire-waist style cocktail dress that is coming together nicely. However, it’s cut for women with very small, high breasts and so most will need to make a full bust adjustment to the upper front. It’s also cut for a rectangle shaped woman, but it’s fairly easy to alter for an hour glass. The dress is in progress; I’ll post final reviews and photos when done.  Continue reading