Pattern Review: Vogue 9216 jeans-styled ponte pants

I’m so happy with the pants that I’m thinking of using grey ponte bought for different style pants for this pattern, instead. I have no idea why there’s no reviews – this really deserves to be a popular pattern!

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Pattern Review: Vogue 8991 Claire Schaeffer “Chanel”-style jacket

I’ve had this pattern for a while, bought several fabrics for it, but was afraid that it was just too much work. Fortunately, I decided to make a wearable muslin out of a jacquard knit, and am very happy with the results.

Fabric:  Jacquard double knit from Emma One Sock fabrics. Prewashed, but will be dry cleaned in the future. Satin bias binding is from C&M Textiles.

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Pattern Review: Vogue 2934 Vintage Vogue Cropped Swing Jacket

I eyed this pattern for quite some time before I “adopted” it. I particularly loved the loosely woven version with the visible threads. But I worried that my fondness for the jacket was for the fabric rather than the pattern. Plus, I no longer wear tops tucked in; I hide my abdomen under fabric, and leave the cropped looks for the slim. Fortunately, I decided to ignore those concerns and buy the pattern.

I made View A, with the single button.

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Pattern Review: Vogue 1324 Donna Karan blouse

I fell in love with this pattern as soon as it came out, and eventually bought it. It’s a very pretty blouse, and the fabric flows and drapes unusually. Garments like this are the reason I sew! However, the pattern has a number of errors; very poorly edited, which is unfortunate because it could have been a great pattern. Other sewists address the problem with the skirt (to be reviewed separately, once I alter the pattern and make the skirt). For the blouse, they talk about how the sleeves are far too drapey and annoying, but I found some additional glitches. Once those were all resolved, the end product is very wearable, comfortable and attractive. But there were some additional things worth noting, if you’re still thinking of making it.

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Pattern Review: Vogue 1152 Rebecca Taylor casual dress (needs photos!)

I needed something for casual parties, or a family dinner, or out for casual dinners out. The plunge-front DKNY top is perfect for when I want something a bit sexy, but would definitely not have been appropriate for the recent dinner with colleagues! My bought casual dresses for summer are either very, very loose (hiding of the figure) or are snug across the bust (don’t always fit!). And both are black, not a nice, summery colour. And then I saw this Rebecca Taylor pattern: a bit fitted, but not snug. Really, an adult version of a classic little girl’s party dress. Perfect!

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Pattern Review: Vogue 2923 DKNY jacket

I’ve been wanting jackets, particularly for spring and fall. It’s that time of year when the temperatures can’t decide whether they’re warm or cool, and so your attire has to be flexible. But it can’t be a suit, since they’re not worn that often anymore; something on the sharp side of business casual. And, I’ve also been wanting to experiment with linen. This is a great jacket pattern for both purposes.

I’ve loved the look of this jacket from when the pattern came out. I was interested in wearing it open, not closed – it looked terribly boxy and preppy in the line drawing. The camisole was cute, but impossible to hide bra straps, so not feasible for me.

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