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I first started a blog when planning my wedding; initially, it was to have basic info– where the wedding would be, information for out of town guests (hotels, things to do, maps to get to the wedding venue, restaurants near the hotels), registry information, information about Jewish weddings, and the like. Standard stuff. Because so many people were asking me questions about the wedding planning, I started blogging my progress as well.

Once the wedding planning process was over (ie I got married), I was still blogging a bit to the site: some lessons learned, photos and videos, etc. But something funny happened on the way to the wedding: I discovered I liked blogging. And I realized that some of my content would be quite useful to other brides (and to inquisitive guests attending Jewish weddings). And that there were other things I’d like to write about, mainly relating to my hobbies.

Since my original blog was single purpose (wedding related) and a semi-private site (you had to have the link to access it), I realized I needed to create a public blog. This is it!

I transferred the information over, and then have sporadically added content. I’m not a regular blogger… partly because to do pattern reviews or post recipes, it really helps to post the associated photos. Apparently, that’s my problem area! So hang in there, this is a work in progress.

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Sushi salad (missing photo)

I’m really happy with this salad; it’s delicious. It’s inspired by sushi rolls, yet is low carb. It’s origin is simple:

  1. I’ve been seeing roasted seaweed snacks for sale in more places, and have been craving them. One of the packages I bought turned out to be strips rather than sheets. Inconvenient as a snack, but I realized would be perfect in a recipe.
  2. I miss sushi. I have to be careful, because the nori in sushi rolls is often dusted with wheat, so I can’t eat much. And, now that I’m eating LCHF (low carb/high fat), the rice means sushi is a rare carb up treat.

Then it dawned upon me: why not make a modified, keto-friendly sushi salad? Continue reading

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